Tony Mattei

For more than 30 years my work in the radio and television media has led me through jobs and advertising campaigns in a variety of services and products in different markets. My voice is used for radio and television images. I have produced, directed, created, collaborated on a wide variety of projects in Puerto Rico, Boston, Harford, New York, Chicago and Tampa Fl where I currently perform for Mega Romática 1470am, commercial recording, translations, an afternoon Drive. In addition I produce and direct two programs one of classic salsa and one of Christian salsa. I have my recording studio from where I produce and record all my works in digital system Pro Tool 12 program. For over 18 years living in USA. In Tampa, I was a spokesperson for the Czaia & Gallager law firm with offices in Bradenton Fl. I am a Christian man. Married for 30 years with three children already college graduates and two grandchildren. (Recently, my beloved wife, passed into the arms of our Lord)